Dave Cox of Palmetto Guide Service is a regular contributor to the Lake Livingston edition of the Texas Sports Guide.  The articles listed below have all previously appeared in that publication.  Included are many tricks and tips used by Dave to help fisherman and waterfowl hunters bag limits. 


Now Is The Time!!!
2000 Lake Livingston Waterfowl Forecast
Black Bass Spawn
Topwater Explosion
Bass in Grass
Duck Hunting Lake Livingston
Summer Fishing for White Bass
Black Bass Are Back
Teal Hunting Lake Livingston
Blue Cats - Techniques and Tackle
Extended Season Snow Geese
Full Blown Trinity River Goose Hunt
Duck and Oyster Gumbo - A Recipe
Fishing the Spawn
Lake Livingston White Bass Spawn
Hunker Down
White Bass Spawn
Lizards and Livingston
The River or the Creek?
On Your Mark. Get Set. Spawn!
Time to Get Ready for Duck
Blue wing Teal Hunting on Lake Livingston
Waterfowl Primer
Opening Day Ducks
White Bass Fever
Mojo Madness
White Bass Gobble Gobies
BearPaws grab Lake Livingston Black Bass
Lake Livingston Duck Hunting
“Rita” Blessing in Disguise 
Structure fishing for lake Conroe catfish

Flatheads and Log Jams 

Recognize and React

 Low water, high fins

Pontoon Party

Highway Blues

Jug Lining Techniques

Cold Water Cats

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